Success is All About Marketing Yourself Effectively.

Gale Dunlap

I work with individuals like you: senior managers and C-level executives to help you stand out in the market place. To do this, you need to have Clarity about the value you offer to the work world. Ask yourself: What do you do well; what are your strongest marketable skills? How is your Attitude? You want to be viewed as capable, confident and competent - never arrogant. Are you clear about the Direction of your career? Do you know which opportunities to pursue and how to do it? And have you Prepared so you can successfully present yourself in writing and in person? Addressing these questions is what working with me is all about. Call me so I can hear about you.

C-Level and Senior Managers

Are you ready for a different challenge at a new company?

Are you in a start-up with high risk and you’re getting tired of the pace and constant pressure?

Have you been laid off and want to take stock of next steps?

You are at the top of your career but things may not be going the way you planned. Or maybe your life circumstances have changed. Now might be the time to think through your next move rather than just do it.

Ask yourself: What’s important for me to have in my next position? What does quality of life mean to me?

During our time together we will address all these issues so that you emerge with a clearer understanding of your motivations, your professional aspirations, and what kinds of job situations will allow you to thrive.

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Mid-Career Executives

Do you feel you’ve plateaued at your current company and are looking for a change?

Are you getting passed over for promotions and want to know why?

Do you want to move from a specialist to a management position and not sure how to do that?

You have made significant progress in your career so far but you want more. Maybe that means changing companies.

It could mean taking a close look at your management and leadership style and be willing to make changes.

My job is to give you an objective look at how you come across and then make specific suggestions that will get you where you want to go in your career.


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My Background

Why am I qualified to help you manage and move forward in your career?

What I do in Standout Strategies is based on my 25+ year career as a consultant to Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, foundations and nonprofits. My focus has always been in executive education and marketing strategy.

Now I use the same marketing principles I used with these organizations to help individuals create marketing strategies for themselves so they can succeed in their careers.

I’ve worked for decades at the C-level and with senior management. Some of my clients include the CEO of Gulf Oil, the COO at McDonalds, multiple executive directors of nonprofits, and presidents of colleges. I understand the issues they face and I can give them an objective, business-oriented look at how they come across.

Thanks for visiting my website. Below is a short video to introduce myself and explain a bit more about who I am and my approach to working with clients. I look forward to meeting you. There is no obligation or cost for our first meeting.