Success is All About Marketing Yourself Effectively.

Gale Dunlap

You need all four to compete in this market. I will help you Clarify your goals. Prepare you to succeed by having a marketing perspective. Show you the consequences of a positive Attitude. And Practice with you until you are confident about your presentation and value focus. I work with job seekers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, helping them make changes so they stand out in this competitive market.

Job Seekers/Career Changers

Have you ever interviewed for a job… and then never heard back?

Are you one of the final two candidates - and the other person gets hired?

Do you always present yourself in terms of the value you can provide the company?

Getting the position you want can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Getting an objective, marketing-oriented view of how you present yourself can mean the difference between being the runner-up and the chosen candidate. Contact me now.

Don’t just talk about your credentials and skills.

It’s much more effective to present your skills in terms of how they provide value to the company you’re interviewing.

Copy this link: to hear a radio interview where I talk about the importance of a marketing perspective in your job search.

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Business Owners/Entrepreneurs

Have you ever met with a client… and then didn't get the work?

Ever wonder if you're clearly presenting your company's value?

Getting an objective look at how you present your company - how it's different and better than the competition - will provide you with valuable information.

But it’s even more important that you present your service or product in terms of the value it provides to your customer.

Everyone wants to know “what’s in it for them.”

Make that clear and you’ll likely get a new client.

Helping you understand what to write and say about your company in a way that focuses on the benefits to your client is what Standout Strategies does.

These changes will directly affect your bottom line.

Other Services

~ CEO and Executive coaching

~ Organization design that promotes business growth

~ Crowdfunding to finance business growth

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What’s My Background?

My career has been in building marketing strategies for large and small companies, nonprofits, start-ups, and foundations.

Now I focus on the individual: entrepreneurs, business owners, job seekers.

My work at Standout Strategies centers on showing clients the value of having a marketing perspective in finding a job or growing a business.

You want to be able to hone in on exactly what your value is to the prospect. To make it clear why they should hire you or employ your company's services.

Welcome to my website. Below is a short video introduction so you can learn a bit more about who I am and my approach to helping you. Thanks for visiting!