Success is All About Marketing Yourself Effectively.

Gale Dunlap

You need all four to compete in this market. I will help you Clarify your goals. Prepare you to succeed by having a marketing perspective. Show you the consequences of a positive Attitude. And Practice with you until you are confident about your presentation and value focus. I work with job seekers, entrepreneurs, and business owners, helping them make changes so they stand out in this competitive market.

Career Changers/Job Seekers

Have you interviewed for a job, thought it went well…then never heard back - or weren't the one chosen?

Are you returning to the work world and not clear about your skills?

Is your current career no longer satisfying, but you're not sure how to make a change?

Finding a job, changing careers, or returning to the work force can be overwhelming and intimidating at times.

My job is to give you an objective, market-oriented assessment of your value to the prospective employer and how to present yourself most effectively.

It’s much more effective when you present your skills in terms of how they can provide value to the company you’re interviewing. Be clear about what's in it for them.

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Start-up Professionals/Entrepreneurs

Has your start-up not progressed as planned and now you're wondering: What's Next?

Are you considering a different direction in your career, but are not sure how to proceed?

It's important to know your skills, but it's equally important to be clear about your priorities.

What's important to you - and what steps do you need to take to get there.

My career was spent developing marketing strategies for companies, foundations, and nonprofits.

I now use some of those same marketing principles to help professionals decide what's next in their careers - and how to more effectively market themselves.


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My Background

My career has been primarily in marketing and developing marketing strategies for large and small companies, nonprofits, start-ups, and foundations.

Now I focus on the individual: the job seeker, career changer, the person returning to the work force after time away to parent, take care of an elder, or because of illness.

My job is to help clients answer the question: What's Next, by helping them identify their skills, clearly articulate their value in the work world, and overall helping them more effectively market themselves.

Working with individuals and applying some of the same marketing principles I did in the corporate world, is very professionally satisfying to me. This is the best job I've ever had...and most of my clients say that it shows.

Thank you for visiting my website. Below is a short video introduction so you can learn a bit more about who I am and my approach to helping you. I hope you will consider contacting me. There is no obligation or cost for our initial conversation.