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 Examples of clients at your level

  • A successful CEO who is ready to move on but is not sure of next steps.

  • A CFO at a major company who wants to move to an organization with responsibilities beyond finance and numbers.

  • A senior manager, employed for several years in senior positions who wants to move to C-level management.


“Gale delivers high-end professionalism and results with creativity and integrity. She succeeds in what she promises because of her deep knowledge of the skills necessary to advance in your career. Her business name, “Standout Strategies”, perfectly fits the goals she sets and accomplishes for her clients. Gale is reliable, personable, and compassionate.”

Jill C. Schmidt
Medical Sales Professional

How is Standout Strategies’ Executive Development Different?

Direct Business Experience at the Senior Level

What makes me different from other career consultants is my direct business experience at the senior level. I’ve worked in multiple industries with executives like you.

Often,  executive coaches have a background in HR or counseling. My experience is in marketing, marketing strategy and executive education, working directly with C-Level executives, presidents of colleges, executive directors of nonprofits, and senior management at multiple companies.

I know the issues you face. I will give you an objective, business-oriented look at how you come across and what changes need to happen to advance your career.


Marketing Perspective throughout the Job Search

Another difference in my approach is my focus on helping you develop a marketing perspective in your career plan and job search.

Having a marketing perspective is learning to look at everything from the other person’s perspective…Not just focusing on what you want or need.

This includes being more aware of, for example, what your boss needs; what your board of directors is worried about; or what the prospective employer is looking for in a new hire.

Once you have this marketing mindset, I will help you present yourself clearly, concisely and confidently in your interviews and through your resume.


Total Rewrite of your Resume

Writing is one of my strongest skills. But when I write an executive resume it’s more about “word-smithing” – consolidating your resume down to two solid, highly tailored pages. This takes time, but it’s time well spent.

The resume is a snapshot of your experience and expertise tailored to a particular job. It is not a summary of everything you’ve ever done in your life.

I will get rid of extraneous detail and focus your skills and experience to a particular job opening.

The sole goal for a resume is to get you an interview. If your resume is not getting attention – not getting you interviews – it needs to be rewritten. It’s the interview that will get you the job.


What You Can Expect

Your career advancement and work satisfaction are my focus at Standout Strategies. Here’s how we get there.

Step 1. We talk by phone. I ask you to explain what is going on with your work situation. What are your concerns and the issues you face. I will ask about your work history, skills and what you’d like to do next. During this call I also answer any questions you might have about me, such as my professional background and the approach I take in Executive Coaching. There is no charge for this conversation.

If, after this or a subsequent conversation, we decide to work together –

Step 2. I  send you 4-5 questions specifically tailored to help you think in different ways about your career and/or positions you’ve held over time. Many clients remark about how much they learned from responding to these questions alone. The questions are different for each client and I encourage you to write as much as necessary. Whatever helps you get at the real issues around your career, what’s working and what’s not working.

Step 3. I then ask you to send me (1) a job description that particularly appeals to you and you are qualified for and (2) a copy of your resume (in Word, not pdf) so I can review and add my comments.

Steps 4. In-person meetings or video conference conversations. I work with clients all over the world. As long as we can see each other clearly, we don’t have to be in the same room.

Each conversation builds on the previous one. We discuss career topics based on your interest. They often include: building leadership and/or communication skills, networking, smart questions to ask in interviews, confidence building, handling “dreaded topics” e.g. laid off, gaps in resume, too old, overqualified.

Some results to expect:

  • A clear idea of the value you offer.
  • Confidence about your Value and how to present that Value in person and in writing.
  • What direction to move in your career.
  • What areas need to change to advance your career – and what to do to make those changes


You should never have to hire another career coach.

I involve you in every step of my process. You will know exactly what I am doing and how I am doing it so you an repeat it in future job searches.

You will know how to analyze a job opening. You will know how to tailor your resume to a specific job opening so that prospective employers immediately see the value you can bring and will want to contact you.

You will be clear about your skills, expertise and your value in the job market. You will know what to focus on during your interviews because you’ll understand the power of having a marketing perspective. And you’ll know the importance of establishing a rapport with the interviewer so you stand out from the other candidates.


The job market may be stronger – but you still need to stand out.

My job is to help you do that. Contact me now.


The clearer you are about the value you offer the prospective employer the more successful you will be.

I’ll help you:

  • Identify your strongest skills & qualifications
  • Build confidence and clarity about the value you offer
  • Craft a resume that dramatically increases your chances of a interview
  • Create mock interview until you can clearly and concisely present your qualifications in an interview 
Gale Dunlap

I work via Skype. It doesn’t matter where you live.

Some Areas We’ll Cover

Each of these topics is covered in more detail in my blog.

1. Creating a Strong Resume

A strong resume is one that gets you an interview. That is its sole purpose.

No matter how good your resume is, it’s still just a piece of paper. It’s a very important one – and it should get your foot in the door. Once in, it’s the interview that will get you the job.

Writing your own resume is difficult. It’s not easy to spot your own accomplishments, to know how to highlight them, and which skills to emphasize. This is where I help you. I’ve written hundreds of resumes and can clearly and effectively present your value on paper. 


2. Making a Good First Impression

How you present yourself: the way you dress, your body language, tone of voice – in addition to what you say is critically important. No matter how many years you’ve been in the work world, when you meet a new person, you have one chance to make a good first impression. Getting it right the first time pays off. We’ll review and practice every element of what it takes to make a good impression.


3. Preparing for your Interview

Remember, the interview is what will get you the job. It’s critically important that you do well – and to do well, you need to practice.

The most important preparation is for you to have a clear sense of the value you offer the employer. Many candidates do not do this in their interview and they are less successful.

We’ll also discuss how to thoroughly research the company as well as its competitors and how to decipher what the prospective employer is looking for in a successful candidate.

Then, during a mock interview, I’ll ask you to explain to me how your background/experience specifically fits what that employer is looking for.

We’ll practice the art of listening and the importance of asking smart questions.   

By the end of our time together you’ll feel confident, poised and able to think on your feet so you’ll stand out from the other candidates.


4. Ways to Build Confidence

Self-doubt and self-criticism kill confidence. And confidence is essential to your success. But it’s very easy to lose your confidence when you’re turned down for a job or are unsure of how to present yourself.

During our multiple meetings, phone conversations and emails, I will always be focused on building or maintaining your confidence – but will give you feedback if you slide over into sounding over confident or arrogant. Feeling confident will positively affect your attitude, change your demeanor…and dramatically contribute to your success. 


5. Effective Networking and Using Your Connections

The majority of jobs are found through networking. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been in the work world or at what level – it’s still critically important to create networking opportunities where you meet new people and practice making connections. In our time together we’ll discuss and practice every aspect of what it means to network effectively

This includes the importance of tapping into personal connections, no matter how remote you think the connection is. Mentioning a connection can mean the difference between getting an interview and not getting one. Use connections whenever possible and build more of them through networking. It will payoff. 


“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ capabilities with active sessions and targeted feedback. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits.”

Chad Fox
EMBA, Management Consultant


Contact me today to discuss how I can help.
There is no charge for our initial phone consultation.

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“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ capabilities with active sessions and targeted feedback. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits.”

Chad Fox
EMBA, Management Consultant
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