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Executive Coaching, Public Speaking and Business Presentations

Experience and expertise in executive coaching

“I met Gale when she was the featured speaker at a professional event. It was clear from the start that she was a knowledgeable and polished presenter. More importantly, the years and range of her experience (small companies to Fortune 100’s) gave her unique perspective and insight, making her material more relevant to her audience and more poignant for the challenges of today’s market.”

Pat Ferren
Senior Manufacturing & Operations Manager

"Concise, inspiring, and effective. Thank you!"

"Gale is a poised and accomplished speaker. She's relaxed, she relaxes the audience, and shares wonderful information. What more could you ask for?"

Suzanne Whitby
Future Makers, LLC

"Gale recently addressed our networking group. I found her to be highly professional and a true expert in the career field. In a limited amount of time, Gale covered a wide range of topics with clearly evident expertise, and easily drilled down into many topics when members wanted to know more."

Jim Lawrence
Finance Professional

“I had the pleasure of attending one of Gale’s presentations. She is engaging, dynamic, and funny. I left her presentation motivated to make changes and move forward in my career. Gale is an excellent resource for anyone in career transition and those looking to boost their current positions. I will absolutely utilize her in the future!”

Sarah Beckham
HR Professional

“Gale gave a great presentation about how to improve one’s interviewing skills. Her presentation was engaging and up-to-date. She also shared some “real life” stories of candidates who made small errors during the interview process which resulted in them getting screened out. I took away many valuable tips from the presentation!”

Mary Estes
Inventory and Logistics Specialist

“Gale gave a presentation to our local association of HR professionals and did an excellent job. She provided us with relevant information on the role and importance of marketing ourselves. Her speaking style is very engaging and she very effectively interacts with the audience. I would recommend Gale as an excellent choice for a speaking engagement.”

Kate Pennella
Human Resources Professional

“What a wonderful presentation you gave to our group! Many of our attendees are seeking employment and you helped motivate them as well as offered new ideas and renewed excitement in their job search. Thank you!”

  • “Structure regarding the approach to the job search”
  • “Great suggestions”
  • “Job search techniques/strategies”
  • “An interesting perspective”
  • “Nice healthy discussions”
  • “Clear areas to attack”
  • “Ideas, reminders at interviews”
  • “Valuable info on career paths”

Responses to evaluation question “What did you get out of Gale’s talk”?
  • “Marketing perspective on conducting job search”
  • “Renewed commitment”
  • “Appreciated the humor, confidence and knowledge. She’s an excellent speaker.”
  • “Being clear about expected outcomes. Great talk!”

Responses to evaluation question “Something I value from Gale’s talk”.

Business Coaching

"It's rare for me to be able to recommend someone as highly as I do Gale. She is professional to the core."

“Gale and I have worked together on multiple projects. She is a creative, hard working individual who quickly grasps complex marketing strategy issues and always delivers great results.”

Expert work with entrepreneurs

I had the pleasure of meeting Gale after an entrepreneur panel for the University of Colorado Alumni Association. She was instrumental in not only recruiting the entrepreneurs, but organizing, moderating, and participating in the constructive conversation. Gale shares my passion for empowerment through entrepreneurship and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she readily utilizes when aiding the aspiring business professional. She is a great listener and mentor, and I highly recommend her to any start-up or entrepreneur seeking direction.

Nate Beard
Van Heyst Group

"Gale was guest speaker at our networking meeting and she exceeded all expectations. Her approach to the topic was very human, and her stories and suggestions resonated with the entrepreneurs/business owners in the audience, all of whom were taking notes.

We received a number of positive comments from guests to the group that day. But, in addition, our group spent two further meetings discussing and brainstorming some of the topics that Gale introduced. The direct result of this is that several of our members have made significant improvements to the elevator / introductory speeches, and two have revised their websites and marketing material copy to incorporate Gale's suggestions.

Everyone found the talk interesting and relevant and given their immediate decision to make changes to their own marketing, I can only say that her words of wisdom made a big difference.

From a logistics perspective, Gale was a dream to work with (always a consideration for organizers) too. I highly recommend her as a speaker and an expert to any organization who wants a talk that leads to action."

Suzanne Whitby, President
Future Makers, LLC

"Gale's marketing presentation was clear and straightforward. She offered strategies that really work."

"In the recent talk that Gale gave to business owners, I appreciated her describing effective marketing principles and tips in easy-to-understand terminology."

Michele Grybeck
Agent Yes

"Gale gave a clear and relevant presentation with tools for me to use to refocus and move forward in building my business."

“Gale was the perfect resource to help me find a key employee for my design firm. She created the ad for the position, screened each candidate, and then facilitated the final interview process with our staff. It's so important to get the right employee - and so easy to make mistakes. Gale saved me time, hassle and money - but best of all, I now have one of the strongest employees I've ever had. I will absolutely trust her insight for any future hires”

“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ confidence and capabilities with active dialogue sessions and immediate feedback. She teaches proper etiquette for networking and her hand-on approach for engaging in new business opportunities is invaluable. Gale works on the art of listening and reading your clients’ body language. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits. I highly recommend meeting with her before embarking on your next business endeavor.”

Chad Fox
Management Consultant

“I wanted to be able to explain how my business was different (and better) than other realtors in town. After a few sessions with Gale I’m much clearer about what I need to do and how to present myself. Time spent figuring this out was well worth it. Thanks Gale!” — Real Estate Agent, Colorado

Real Estate Agent, Colorado

"Gale has an innate sense for business, coupled with years of study, training and teaching. She did great work for the YWCA – and I imagine any business owner would benefit from talking with her. She offers objective, honest advice with solid strategic direction. I recommend her highly."

Janet Beardsley, Executive Director

Career Coaching (Career Change Advice)

Learn to market yourself to get the job you want

We hired Gale to work with our nephew, a recent graduate in aerospace engineering. Within weeks he had a strong resume and a much clearer understanding of how to present himself in a job interview. She built his confidence through role playing and showed him how to research companies. All of their work together was done via Skype which worked perfectly. It was time and money well spent. He is now happily employed in an engineering position at iRobot .

Karen Klerman, Vice President, Commercial Lending
Wells Fargo

"Gale was the keynote speaker at our sorority retreat last weekend. She spoke about what to do to get a great job. Gale is incredibly knowledgeable. I would recommend her guidance to everyone!"

Alasyn Zimmerman
Gamma Phi Beta

"Gale recently helped facilitate very positive changes in my career. I was confused about  my work situation, but after meeting with Gale I was clear about my values and how to proceed with the options available to me. Her guidance helped me achieve goals I didn't believe were possible. I recommend Gale to anyone in need of career advice for any situation."

“I want you to know how much I appreciate your help, Gale. You’ve gone so far above what I initially expected. Time with you has made a difference.”

Brandon Taylor
mechanical engineer & father returning to full-time work

"I cannot recommend Standout Strategies enough! I hired Gale as a graduation gift for my brother. She re-worked his resume so every position he’s ever held reads like a positive, beneficial experience for an employer. Within weeks one company wanted a second interview; the second company hired him on the spot.  He attributes his success to the preparation with Gale and the insights she gave him."

"Gale quickly zeros in on your best points and most successful moments. And then creates a resume that  highlights those points to an employer. I was very pleased”

Donna Walker
Real Estate & Equipment Financing

“Gale rewrote my resume, gave me great feedback during our mock interviews and helped me develop my career goals. I will always return to Gale for her expertise. She has a range of knowledge in marketing and effective presentations which has helped me land multiple interviews.”

Natalie Antoine
Social Media Marketing

“Gale has been a great coach, invaluable adviser and mentor to our daughter as she transitions from college to the work world. Gale always makes time to meet with her, then follows up with a written report – all at a very reasonable cost.”

George Antoine
father of recent graduate with degree in business

“Thank you, Gale, for assisting our twin daughters with their resumes. They are newly minted RNs and needed help with job hunting. Your thoughtful revision of their resumes was extremely helpful and I know was instrumental in their both finding jobs quickly – within two weeks!”

Merrill Wilson
Merrill Wilson, mother of twin graduates.

“I have changed my resume according to your directions. Thanks for cheering me on. I’ll do my best to feel confident so I can sell…ME.  I’m ready!!”

62-year old, laid-off from her long-term banking position.

“We greatly appreciate the positive work that you were able to do with Jason. It clearly helped him in his level of confidence when approaching his interviews.”

Brian Rosenbloom
father of client, Jason Rosenbloom

“I want to thank you for working with me. I had an interview today and blew them away. After my first interview, they wanted me to meet with the General Manager. I could tell they liked me and at the end they offered me a job! Thanks for everything!”

Jason Rosenbloom
22 yr old college graduate, New York.

“Gale delivers high-end professionalism and results with creativity and integrity. She succeeds in what she promises because of her deep knowledge of the skills necessary to advance in your career. Her business name, “Standout Strategies”, perfectly fits the goals she sets and accomplishes for her clients. Gale is reliable, personable, and compassionate.”

Jill C. Schmidt
Medical Sales Professional

“I know Stephen’s success in his job interview was due to your guidance and rewriting his resume. He’s been with the company for over a year now and is hoping for a promotion soon. Thank you again!”

Jane Russell
follow-up email about her son’s job.

“Gale provided me with great perspective on presentation skills. She is insightful, supportive, knowledgeable, and provided tremendous guidance to me.”

“Gale did an amazing job on my resume. She listed my skills and qualifications in a way that obviously got employers’ attention. When I posted my new resume on monster.com I received calls from employers who mentioned seeing my resume. I wasn’t getting these calls before. I’m convinced my new resume got me the interviews…and now I’m employed! Thanks, Gale!”

Emily Meyers
board-certified Registered Nurse.

“To be able to help my child make the transition from being a student to getting a job he loves…I can’t think of a better gift. Thanks, Gale!”

Mother of recent college graduate.

“I got my offer letter in today’s mail! Thank you so much for rewriting my resume and practicing with me so I could confidently present myself. I can't wait to start my job!"

“I had no idea where to start looking for new career opportunities. After brainstorming with you, I’m now much clearer about my skills and am actually excited about moving forward.”

Mortgage broker, changing careers.

“Time with Gale was the best graduation gift I could have given my daughter.”

Mother of recent college graduate

"Gale, you have been a gem… I am glad you decided to work with individuals, otherwise I would not have been the recipient of such critical/helpful advice on my career development journey."

53-year old banking professional
changing careers

"I know Stephen’s success in his job interview was due to your guidance and rewriting his resume. He’s been with the company for over a year now and is hoping for a promotion soon. Thank you again!"

Jane Russell
follow-up email about her son’s job

"Great information! Particularly useful for a terrified senior getting ready to graduate!"

Lauren Shirley
Senior, University of Colorado

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“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ capabilities with active sessions and targeted feedback. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits.”

Chad Fox
EMBA, Management Consultant
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