Key Steps for a Successsful Job Interview

What are the best interview tips for career success? Read on and I’ll share my most effective interview techniques with you.

Developing Effective Interview Techniques

When you walk into a job interview there are a million things to remember – or at least it feels like it. You do need to be prepared, to make sure you understand the employer’s needs, etc. But in my experience interviewing hundreds of people looking for jobs – if you remember the following three points, you will stand out from the majority of job seekers and will have a more memorable interview.

Best Interview Tips: 3 Things You Should Always Do in an Interview

Smile. So easy to forget and so easy to do. Smile naturally… not all the time. Smiling is contagious. It makes people feel good, including yourself. It can also help you relax. Practice in front of a mirror the night before. See how much more engaging you are when you smile? And that’s what you want – to engage with the interviewer – that makes you more memorable.

Good eye contact. If you remember to smile, you most likely will have good eye contact. They go together and make a huge difference in how someone feels about you. Have you ever spoken to someone who constantly looks away or down when they’re talking to you? It doesn’t feel good. It’s like they’re hiding something. Eye contact during an interview makes a very positive statement.

Firm handshake. As you enter the room: smile, make eye contact with the interviewer and extend your hand. Offer a firm handshake – not a bone breaker and not a limp fish. You know what a firm handshake feels like. And if you don’t, practice with a partner or family member.

How simple can these three points be – and you may notice that they naturally go together at the beginning of an interview. They are easy to do and I guess, equally easy to forget because many job candidates don’t do them. I promise if you do, the employer will remember you in a positive way. So little effort…so much potential reward! Try it during your next job interview – and make it a habit. It will payoff in 2013.

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