Hiring the Right Employee


If you find recruiting for your business challenging, you’ll find these tips on how to hire the right person really useful.

Enlist the Help of Professionals to Hire the Right Person for You

Hiring the wrong employee wastes a lot of your time and money – two things we all have in short supply. But it’s also hard on company morale if you have to let someone go.

No matter how smart you are or how good a business person you are, it is often difficult to see characteristics in a candidate that will not fit within your company – especially if the candidate has a strong resume, comes across as a likable guy in his interviews – and your desperate to hire.

So, what to do? It might be well worth the cost to hire a professional who will provide you with an unbiased, objective view of the candidates, including the pros and cons of each candidate.

A good recruiter will interview the hiring manager, get a sense for the work environment and responsibilities by talking to a few employees, and will write and place the advertising for the position. You can save a huge amount of time by having the recruiter do the initial screening of candidates and then you participate in the interviews alone or with your staff.

Tips on How to Hire an Employee

If you do the recruiting yourself, keep these points in mind:

  • Create a clear job description, including reporting responsibilities
  • Be clear about your expectations for the ideal candidate
  • Do the initial screen by phone
  • Have 2-3 staff members interview the candidate – but not all at once. That’s not fair to the candidate.

Some final things to keep in mind as a manager:  “Hire for attitude, train for skill.” Skills can be learned more easily than changing a person’s attitude. And a person with a bad attitude will negatively affect your company. Do what you can to make employees feel empowered. The more you give as a manager, the more you will get from your employees.

“Gale was the perfect resource to help me find a key employee for my design firm. She created the ad for the position, screened each candidate, and then facilitated the final interview process with our staff. It's so important to get the right employee - and so easy to make mistakes. Gale saved me time, hassle and money - but best of all, I now have one of the strongest employees I've ever had. I will absolutely trust her insight for any future hires”

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