Mid-Career Executives

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 What Makes an Executive Successful?

  • Management potential – Are you perceived as a strong manager and are you ready to move up? If not, why not? Will you do something about it?
  • Ability to work with others, to delegate and to listen – Look at the feedback you’ve received over the years. What are your strengths? What needs improvement? Are you doing anything about it?
  • Communication skills – Strong writing skills are rare and in demand. If it needs improving, do it. Do you communicate well with team members, peers, employees, your boss? Take action if you need to improve, otherwise you are holding yourself back.
  • Willingness to learn and eager to grow in your job – Are you viewed as an asset to your company? Do you take the initiative and gets things done? Or are you viewed as someone who waits to be told what to do? Your reputation is up to you.



To advance in your career you need an individual marketing strategy.

I will help you develop one.



Why am I qualified to do this?

I’ve had a 25+ year career in business where I was hired to develop marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, foundations and nonprofits. I now use these same marketing principles to help executives, like you, move forward and upward in your career.

My consulting work for businesses was satisfying, but working with individual executives is the most personally satisfying work I have ever done.

My goal is to provide you with tangible results, not just talk. I’m confident I can help you. Contact me at no obligation.


"It's rare for me to be able to recommend someone as highly as I do Gale. She is professional to the core."


What’s different about my approach?

I always bring a marketing focus to career consulting – and I encourage my clients to have a marketing perspective when they think about their careers.

By this I mean that, as my client, I work with you to identify the value you provide in your company – or to the prospective employer if you’re changing careers or jobs. It’s not about you and what you need. It’s about what the prospective employer needs.

Therefore your success in finding a new position or getting promoted is about your ability to tailor your skills, background, personality traits in terms of what your boss or new employer needs.

I’m not suggesting you make up things, but I do want you to highlight your relevant accomplishments so the employer immediately sees how you can/will contribute. I will help you do this clearly and confidently in person (in your interviews) and in writing (on your resume and cover letters).

This is what it means to have a marketing perspective. That attitude will bring you success in your career.


You should never have to hire another career coach.

I involve you in every step of my process. You will know exactly what I am doing and how I am doing it so you an repeat it in future job searches.

You will know how to analyze a job opening. You will know how to tailor your resume to a specific job opening so that prospective employers immediately see the value you can bring and will want to contact you.

You will be clear about your skills, expertise and your value in the job market. You will know what to focus on during your interviews because you’ll understand the power of having a marketing perspective. And you’ll know the importance of establishing a rapport with the interviewer so you stand out from the other candidates.


Gale is a regular contributor to Colorado Business Magazine.


Words used to describe Gale’s consulting style

Clear. Concise. Professional. Competent. Trustworthy. Effective. 



“Gale and I have worked together on multiple projects. She is a creative, hard working individual who quickly grasps complex marketing strategy issues and always delivers great results.”

"Gale, you have been a gem… I am glad you decided to work with individuals, otherwise I would not have been the recipient of such critical/helpful advice on my career development journey."

53-year old banking professional
changing careers

“Gale has an innate sense for business. She did great work for us. She offers objective, honest advice with solid strategic direction. I recommend her highly.”

Janet Beardsley, Executive Director


Let’s Grow Your Career Together

There is no charge for our initial phone consultation. Contact me.

There’s nothing to lose – and a lot to gain.

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“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ capabilities with active sessions and targeted feedback. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits.”

Chad Fox
EMBA, Management Consultant
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