Personal Contacts are Gold

Are you making the most of your personal support network? Discover the things you should be doing to maximize your networking success.

Use Your Personal Support Network to Your Advantage

Don’t forget to use personal contacts whenever you can to help grow your business or to find a job.

It really makes a difference if you mention a mutual friend’s name in a cover letter or in a conversation with a prospective client or employer. It will immediately get their attention – and that’s what you want.

If you are able to include the name of a mutual connection in the first sentence of your cover letter or in a phone call, that person is much more likely to pay attention to the call or thoroughly read your email.

If you are a job seeker and are hoping for an interview at the company, having a contact’s name will greatly improve your chances of getting your resume read, and then being asked for a personal interview.

The Thing You Ought to Know About Networking for Success

The interesting thing about contacts is that you don’t necessarily have to know the person well.

I work out most days at a gym, so I know a lot of people from the locker room. But I don’t really know them. For most, I don’t even know their last name.

But they know the work I do and I get many referrals from them. They may have looked at my website, like me as a person, and are obviously comfortable referring me to their friends, family and colleagues. So when those colleagues are told about my work by this mutual friend, they are more likely to contact me than if they have to make a cold call to me.

I, too, am happy to help other people when I can. So don’t think you have to know a person well to ask them if it’s okay to use his/her name. Most people are happy to help. And having a contact in a company or with a prospective client dramatically boosts your potential for success. Try it!


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