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The Importance of Confidence

I just gave a presentation about the importance of confidence. The audience was pretty interested, probably because the research that’s been done on the subject is compelling.

Olivia Fox Cabane is an executive coach who has written about and given presentations on the effects of negative thinking. Research has shown that when you’re not feeling good about yourself your sympathetic nervous system is affected. For those of us who forgot what this part of our body does (like me): that’s the system that’s in charge of “fight or flight.” In other words, get-me-out-of-here or No, I’m going to stay and fight.

Self doubt and self-criticism kill confidence. And way more significantly, these feelings lead to a collapse of our sympathetic nervous system.  By collapse I mean you’re in get-me-out-of-here mode. The result: you can’t think straight, respond well or listen well. So, imagine the effect that has on how you present yourself in a job interview, to a prospective client or during a business presentation! Not so great.

This is powerful information and shows the importance of doing whatever we can to feel good about ourselves and avoid negative self-talk –  especially just before a client meeting or in our job search. If you don’t get this under control, you are sabotaging yourself.

3 Ways to Build Confidence in the Workplace and in Business:

  1. Know your material backwards and forwards. For job seekers, be clear about the specific skills and qualifications you have to offer an employer. Write them down, practice presenting, and review them before your interview. Same thing for business people who are presenting before a group or meeting a new client. Know what you want to say and practice before your meeting.
  2. Don’t always believe what you think. It’s not necessarily right – and if it’s a negative thought, you’re the one who will suffer the consequences. Have you ever heard someone talking about their mind being a bad neighborhood – stay out of it. I love that expression, but it’s also a powerful reminder that what we think others think about us is not always true.
  3. Practice responding to dreaded topics. For business owners it could be talking to shareholders about a lower stock price or growing competition and loss of market share. For job seekers, it could be gaps in employment or the perception of being over-qualified. Practice your answers to these questions – don’t just hope they won’t ask them. Invariably, they will! By tackling these topics head-on, your confidence will actually grow.

Please contact me with any questions you have about this subject. It’s so important and can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s your mindset that sets the stage.


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