Business Owners

What Makes a Business Successful?


A clear understanding of:

  • Your market – making sure there is a sufficient market and (ideally) it’s growing
  • Your customer – who she is (demographic profile), what she wants; what changes will entice her business
  • What your company offers – tangible products, but also the intangible services you can offer
  • Your competition – and how your company is different and better than the competition


If you’ve been in business for a while or are thinking about creating a new business, it can be difficult to see what’s holding you back or where to begin.

By working through the above four issues from a marketing perspective, I help business owners and entrepreneurs make changes to their businesses that directly affects the bottom line.

My goal is to provide tangible results, not just talk. I’m confident I can help you. Contact me.

I always bring a marketing focus to my consulting work.

By this I mean that I’m constantly thinking about your company from your customer’s perspective.

What are his/her needs? What is the most effective way to reach that person –  and build or expand your client base?


Gale is a regular contributor to Colorado Business Magazine


Words used to describe Gale’s consulting style – 

  Clear. Concise. Exceptional. Professional. Capable. Competent. Trustworthy. Effective.


“Gale and I have worked together on multiple projects. She is a creative, hard working individual who quickly grasps complex marketing strategy issues and always delivers great results.”


Ways to Make Your Business More Successful

  1. Identify ways to improve profitability and functionality through changes in organization design and sales approach
  2. Identify steps to make your marketing strategy more effective
  3. Work with management/staff to improve sales through stronger presentation skills
  4. Recruit & screen job candidates to ensure the right hire for your company
  5. Create website copy and marketing materials that clearly communicates the value you and your company provide
  6. Create effective Crowdfunding campaigns to finance the growth of  your company

“Gale has an innate sense for business. She did great work for us. She offers objective, honest advice with solid strategic direction. I recommend her highly.”

Janet Beardsley, Executive Director


Let’s Grow Your Business Together

There is no charge for our initial phone consultation. Contact me.

There’s nothing to lose – and potentially a lot to gain.


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“Gale provides exceptional services. She builds clients’ capabilities with active sessions and targeted feedback. From our first meeting I was able to realize immediate benefits.”

Chad Fox
EMBA, Management Consultant
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